Greater Nashville Chinese Association (GNCA) is a non-profit organization representing the Chinese community in the Middle Tennessee area. GNCA was established in 1984 with members from a diverse background including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian countries. Currently GNCA has over 500 active participants ranging from local Chinese businesses, language schools and culture centers to individuals and families living and working in the Middle Tennessee area.

GNCA’s mission is to promote education resources and culture understanding in both the Chinese and the local communities in the Middle Tennessee area. The GNCA Board appreciates the continued support from our current and future members and welcomes the opportunity to partner with community leaders and stakeholders who share the same vision.

Board Members:

  • QiuFang Cheng
  • XiaoDuan Fan
  • Jack Huang
  • David Lin
  • Lucia Mar
  • Li Weaver
  • Frank Xue
  • Yan Zhao
  • Duncan Ye

Executive Officers:

President: Li Weaver 陈丽
Email: president@gncamembers.com

Vice-President: Yan Zhao 赵燕
Email: vp@gncamembers.com

Treasurer:  Jiayun Chen 陈佳筠
Email: treasurer@gncamembers.com

Events: qiufang Cheng 程秋芳, Fang Yu 于方 , Jing Hao 郝晶  
Email: events@gncamembers.com

Secretary: Xiaoduan Fan 范小端
Email: info@gncamembers.com

Marketing: Peng Xu 徐鹏
Email: info@gncamembers.com