GNCA Youth Volunteer Association (YVA) Application Form

Please note that the information on this form is for the use the Youth Volunteer Association (YVA) only and is not available to any other individuals or groups. This means that we will not disclose your e-mail address, mobile number or any other details to another individual without your permission.

    Youth Applicant Information:

    Family Contact Information

    Areas of Interest in YVA

    Member Only

    Extracurricular and Volunteer Activities – Please describe any extracurricular activities that you are involved with and what they mean to you. Examples of extracurricular activities are school clubs, sports teams, youth organizations, and community service activities. Please also include how you have been involved and for how long.

    Personal Statement- Explain your choice of leadership position(s). Please focus the explanation on your first preference and addressing the following questions as well. Your explanation will be reviewed as part of your application and considered during the selection process. Write your response in clear English and in your own words. Your answer should not exceed 300 words.

    • Why do you want to participate in YVA, and what will you contribute if you are chosen?
    • What makes you a good leader? Using two examples, describe how you are a leader in your school, community and/or home.
    • Do you have an idea for a possible project that would positively impact the Chinese/local communities?

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