GNCA Committees and Groups

Event Committee

  • Organize major activities for example Chinese New Year Gala, Duan Wu Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.
  • Collaborate and partner with other communities such as Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival.
  • Youth Volunteer Association Group: With a GNCA official as an advisor, young volunteers create, plan, organize, and execute their initiatives or assistance to GNCA events. Young volunteers could leverage the group as a platform for connecting peers of similar interest, developing creative ideas, leadership learning, and sharing life experience.   

Marketing Committee

  • Promote GNCA activities, brand name and visibility.
  • Establish, administer and maintain GNCA social media such as website, Facebook, email, etc.
  • GNCA Nashville Friend WeChat Group – provide a platform connecting GNCA friends to share news and life experience.
  • Journal Group – serve as a platform for sharing spiritual and cultural life experience and perspectives among GNCA participants.

Outreach Committee

  • Serve as liaison with federal, state, and city government agencies, organizations, academic institutions and businesses of both national and local levels.
  • Collaborate and partner with others on events and activities in Middle Tennessee. 

Finance Committee

  • Prepare, monitor, and finalize budget and resources allocation both financial and volunteer manpower.
  • Ensure all GNCA US IRS compliance and file tax reports on time.
  • Develop fund raising leads, communicate and maintain relationship with sponsors.

General Affairs Committee

  • Plan and budget resources both supplies and volunteer manpower needs.
  • Plan logistics of activities or events. Keep inventory of GNCA physical supplies.