GNCA Organizational Announcement, May 2020

Dear GNCA friends, 

Thank you for your continued support of the Greater Nashville Chinese Association.

We are pleased to announce several recent updates to GNCA’s Board of Directors, officers, and committees. We are also excited to unveil two major new initiatives, the GNCA Youth Volunteer Association and the GNCA Journal, to better serve our community. Please see below for details on all of these changes.

We would like to congratulate the new board members and officers and thank them for their willingness to serve our community. We are also grateful to all of our past leaders and members  who built GNCA into what it is today. 

If you are new to Nashville or just learning about GNCA, we welcome you to join our group. While 2020 has already been a challenging year for everyone, we are truly grateful that we have each other to get through it together.

GNCA 2020-2021 Leadership

Board of Directors

Chair: Li Weaver
Vice Chair: Qiufang Cheng
Members: Dave Carini, Gretchen Fan, Ning Guo, Qiao Han, Jing Hao, Charles Huang, Christine Lai, Feng Li, Joan Li, Frank Xue, Jinggang Yin, Yan Zhao, Guanping Zheng

Officers and Committees

President: Jing Hao
Vice Presidents: Christine Lai, Jinggang Yin
Secretary: Gretchen Fan
Assistant Secretary: Prince Huang
Treasurer: Jiayun Chen

Outreach Committee
Responsible for establishing partnerships and working together with various external groups, including government agencies, community groups, academic institutions, and business organizations. 

Director: Christine Lai
Members: Dave Carini, Michael Chung, Prince Huang, David (Wei) Li, Guanping Zheng

Marketing Committee
Responsible for promoting GNCA’s mission, events, and partnerships to our members, the general public, and potential sponsors through our website, mailing list, social media, and other channels. 

Director: Dave Carini
Members: Gretchen Fan, Hongli He, Lei Qian, Jessica Su, Fuxue Xin, Tao You, Joanna Zhou

Events Committee
Responsible for the conception, planning, and staging of all GNCA events as well as our participation in community-wide events. 

Director: Jinggang Yin
Assistant Directors: Fang Yu, Xiuqi Zhang
Members: Mingfang Ao, Lan Hu, Joan Li, Lei Qian, Fuxue Xin, Eunice Puckett, Tao Yang, Rong Yang

Finance Committee
Responsible for all financial matters, including managing funds, bookkeeping, producing annual budgets and preparing all tax and financial documents; also in charge of fundraising, developing sponsorship guidelines, and maintaining sponsor relationships.

Director: Jing Hao
Assistant Director: Jiayun Chen
Members: Qiufang Cheng, Yi Guo, Li Weaver, Tao You, Wei Zhao

New Initiatives in 2020

GNCA Youth Volunteer Association
The YVA gives our highschool age members the opportunity to participate more actively in GNCA’s mission of education and promoting cultural understanding. The group, which is currently taking applications for its initial leadership group and founding members, will be largely student organized and run, with adult GNCA members providing guidance and mentoring. For more information or to apply, please visit here. (Application deadline: June 1, 2020)

Co-Directors: Jinggang Yin, Jing Hao

GNCA Journal
The GNCA Journal is a quarterly e-publication intended to serve as the collective voice of Middle Tennessee’s Chinese community. It will include news, stories, opinions, and educational and cultural articles.

Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Su
Contributors: Lei Ding, David (Wei) Li, Liuliu Li, Bangchi Shi, Jiong Shi, Weiping Shi, Fuxue Xin, Fang Zhong, Hongman Zhang

GNCA Volunteer Group (Open Enrollment)
GNCA’s events and activities could not exist without huge contributions from volunteers. In order to more quickly and efficiently organize and call upon our volunteers, we are moving from an event-by-event system to a more formal “standing army” of volunteers who are willing and able to help. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know!

Director: Jing Hao