Updates on China Embassy Services Visit to Nashville

For several years GNCA has been working secure regular “city visits” from the Chinese embassy to Nashville in order to assist Chinese citizens with critical citizen services (passport renewal, travel permits, etc.). Earlier this week GNCA leaders participated in an online meeting with embassy representatives about this matter as well as policy changes due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

We are happy to confirm that Nashville has been added to the list of cities visited regularly. Due to the epidemic, however, this year’s visit has been delayed and has yet to be rescheduled.

Below is a summary of other key information learned in the meeting. More detailed versions are available on the Chinese embassy website. NOTE: The English website has very little information on Chinese citizen services; a better source of information is the “Important Announcements” page on the Chinese site and using translation software if needed.

  • The embassy and all consulates are open for business, but appointments are needed for all services.
  • Due to the epidemic, all city visits have been temporarily suspended, so you will need to visit in person.
  • Those who are on a 10-year visa who wish to return to China during the epidemic will need to reapply.
  • Regarding charter flights: If you or your immediate family members need to go back urgently, contact the embassy’s Office of Educational Affairs to request permission. You will need to fill in a health form before boarding the plane and complete the standard two weeks of quarantine and testing for all traveling to China.

Some relevant links from the embassy website (all in Chinese):

GNCA will continue to follow up with the Chinese embassy to facilitate future visits for Middle Tennessee’s Chinese citizens. Follow us on our website, Facebook page, WeChat account, or join our mailing list to receive the latest updates!