Announcing the 2022 GNCA Cooking Competition!

Autumn is the time for giving thanks, gathering with friends — and eating! In this spirit we are excited to announce the inaugural Greater Nashville Chinese Association Cooking Competition. All entrants will gather on Saturday, November 19, bringing their favorite dish to present to the judges. Show off your specialties and take home big prizes! See below for details on entering the competition.

This event has its origins from the close-knit group of writers and editors of GNCA Journal, our quarterly Chinese-language publication. Through it we hope to promote Chinese and Western food culture, strengthen the connections within our community, provide a platform for self-expression, and learn about cooking from each other. We are grateful to leading kitchen appliance maker Fotile for generously sponsoring this competition.

Event Details


Entering the competition is easy — just fill out our online registration form by 12pm on Saturday, November 12. To access the registration form, click on the link below or scan the QR code in the lower left of the image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?
The event is open to the public! (Entrants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.)

What kinds of food can I make?
There are no limits to the type of cuisine (Chinese or otherwise) or type of dish (appetizer, main course, salad, dessert, etc.)

How much should I prepare?
One normal portion is fine — just make sure there is enough for all of our judges to try.

Should I prepare my food ahead of time or at/during the event?
All food should be prepared ahead of time. The event location does not have any cooking facilities.

What is the deadline for entering the competition?
You must submit your registration form by 12pm on Saturday, November 12.

I’m not yet sure what dish I want to prepare. Can I still enter the competition?
While we strongly encourage you to submit your dish’s name when registering, you may submit (or change) the name anytime before the registration deadline. If you do not submit the name on time, you may not be allowed to participate.

Who is judging the competition?
Judges will be a range of members of the community.

What are the judging criteria?
Dishes will be judged on five factors: color, design, aroma, taste, and originality. Additional details, including specific rules and scoring standards, will be announced before the competition.

What prizes are available?
Prizes will be awarded for the top three dishes:

In addition, we will award three “lucky draw” prizes, chosen at random:

How are allergies and other safety considerations being handled?
Contestants, judges, or on-site spectators with a history of allergies are responsible for informing the competition organizing committee in advance and participating appropriately based on a the advice of a medical professional. The organizer or co-organizers are not responsible for health and safety issues caused by the dishes.

For all other questions or to reach the event organizers, please email