鸣谢 Oak Hill School 成为大纳城华人协会白金赞助单位

Dear GNCA Families and Friends,

We are so honored to announce that Oak Hill School, a PreK through sixth grade school for boys and girls, is the new Platinum level sponsor for the Greater Nashville Chinese Association.

Oak Hill School understands that every child is unique and proudly welcomes families, faculty and staff of all racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, valuing the range of experiences that form the school community. With a dynamic curriculum, exceptional instruction and high achievement as an expectation, an Oak Hill School education fulfills children’s curiosity and instills the values of academic rigor, service and character. The school’s student-centered academic approach creates an environment where students establish themselves as leaders, creative problem solvers and collaborative learners, all while becoming persons of integrity grounded in Christian morals and virtues. Oak Hill School provides a joyful foundation for your child’s future success.

“We are excited to build a lasting partnership with the members of the Greater Nashville Chinese Community,” Todd Counter, director of admissions at Oak Hill School, said to us at the annual Mid-Autumn Celebration. He welcomes the GNCA community to visit and hear about the academic excellence and culture of Oak Hill School at their Admissions Open House, scheduled for October 9, at 10:30 a.m., or November 7, at 11:45 a.m. You are also invited to take a personal tour at any time. Please contact Oak Hill School at (615) 298-9596 to schedule.

GNCA’s mission is to share educational resources, Chinese heritage and cultural with both the Chinese and other ethnic groups in the Middle Tennessee communities. The partnership with Oak Hill School will bring more educational resources to the Chinese community as well as culture understanding among local communities in the Nashville area.

Greater Nashville Chinese Association

2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Tickets On Sale!

2018 Mid Autumn Festival Poster

Dear Friends,

Great Nashville Chinese Association will host our annual Mid-Autumn Celebration! Please see the poster for the details.

Online tickets Sale has started! Please bring your order receipt for admission wristband exchange at the event.

Thank you for your continuous participation and support!

各位大纳城的朋友,为了共同庆祝中秋佳节,大纳城华人协会将举办“福满中秋夜,情满大纳城, 花好月圆, 佳节伴家人”的主题庆祝活动。详情请参阅海报。



Volunteers Needed for Mid Autumn Festival

Dear Greater Nashville Chinese community members,

2018  Mid Autumn Festival Party will be held on 9/23 Sunday 5:00 – 8:00PM at Dynasty Super Buffet. Please check out details at our web post and see the attached poster.

Online tickets sale has started!

Volunteer helpers are needed for the party! It is a great opportunity, especially for young boys and girls,  to get involved and to contribute to our own Chinese Community.

We sincerely solicit your son’s, your daughter’s help (age 8 and up) in the  following roles:

  1. Ticket booth helpers: recording attendance, book-keeping, exchanging wristband, guide, etc.
  2. Stage assistants: running errands, playing audio-visual equipment,setting up props, etc.
  3. Venue decoration/game facilitators: stage decoration, game play helper, etc.

If you are interested, please contact us at GNCAEvent@gmail.com. Look forward to your help.

Great Nashville Chines Association


一年一度中秋节晚会的通告已经发出: 九月二十三日星期日下午五点至八点, 皇朝自助餐餐厅、详情请参看网站通知海报

网上购票已经启动, 预购从速!

参与华人协会活动, 贡献您的时间,热情,及关怀同胞华人社区是非常有意义和有价值的,尤其年青人, 志愿行动是一个难得的学习和获得经验的机会。

1. 票务 – 换发手环,导向,等等
2. 舞台 – 音响及视频设备,布景物的辅助安排等等.
3. 会场/游戏 – 布置装饰,协助游戏活动.

希望大家鼓励儿女来参与和志愿帮忙! 今天便联系我们吧! 请发邮件至: GNCAEvent@gmail.com


2018 Mid-Autumn Festival 月是故乡明,人是故乡亲

各位大纳城的朋友,为了共同庆祝中秋佳节,大纳城华人协会计划举办“福满中秋夜,情满大纳城, 花好月圆, 佳节伴家人”的主题庆祝活动。 赶快行动,记在日历上哦。具体内容如下:

地点:皇朝食府(Dynasty Super Buffet, 5433 Nolensville Pike,Nashville,TN 37211
节目征集:为了进一步增强活动的趣味性,让大家充分享受活动带来的欢乐,我们欢迎有才艺的朋友,不论您年龄多大,不论您是男生还是女生,只要您愿意在这个小小的舞台上展示您的才艺,不拘形式,愿意为大家带来欢乐,我们都非常欢迎您,请将您的信息送到 gncaevent@Gmail.com 我们还对游戏进行了“私人定制”,纳入了传话游戏,击鼓传花,筷子夹比赛等等。




Dear Friends,

Great Nashville Chinese Association plans to hold the theme celebration of “ 福满中秋夜,情满大纳城, 花好月圆, 佳节伴家人 ” for Mid-Autumn Festival. Hurry and mark the date on your calendar.

The details are as follows:

Time: September 23, 2018 (Sunday), 5 pm to 8 pm.

Venue: Dynasty Super Buffet, 5433 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211

Activities: Includes dinner, shows, interactive games and more.

In order to further enhance the fun of the event and let everyone fully enjoy the joy brought by the event, we welcome talented friends, no matter how old you are, whether you are a boy or a girl, as long as you are willing to show your talent on this small stage, willing to bring the joy to everyone, we are very welcome. Please send your information to gncaevent@Gmail.com. We also made a “private customization” of the game, including the wording game, drumming flowers, chopsticks folder Competition and so on.

Preformance registration is available at: gncaevent@gmail.com

Stay tuned for more information. Thank you for your continued participation and support!

2018 Dragon Boat Festival – 粽情端午,欢聚纳城

2018 Daun Wu Poster

Dear friends,

The Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and the greater Nashville Chinese Association will organize an entertainment event with the theme of “Love, Joy and celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival”. The details are as follows.

Activity time: Sunday, June 17th, 2018, from 11am to 3pm.
Event Venue: Centennial Park (Picnic Pavilion – is near McDonald’s).
Activity fare: $8/person, including: box lunch, Zong-zi, fruit, water, etc.
Recreational activities (partial): tug-of-war, duck duck goose, shuttlecock, back-to-back dribbles, dribble relays, jump roping, poetry readings, picture exhibitions, etc. There will also be a big band of drums performed by the Vandy Pound Group and our legendary folk ” quintessence ” – square dance !

We look forward to your participation

Tickets way: click on the following Link can buy tickets online.

各位大纳城华人朋友们,端午将至,我们大纳城华人协会将组织一次以“你情我浓,共庆端午”为主题的文娱活动, 我们期待着您和家人的参与. 详细信息如下。

活动地点:Centennial Park (Picnic Pavilion – is near McDonald’s)。
文娱活动(部分):拔河、丢手绢、踢键子、背靠背运球、运球接力、跳绳、诗歌朗诵、图画展等。届时还会有响当当的Vandy Pound Group带来鼓棒表演。更加给力还有我们传说中的民间“国粹”—广场舞哦!

购票方式: 点击下面的Link可以网上买票.