GNCA Journal Fall 2020 Issue: “My Hometown”

The fall 2020 issue of GNCA Journal has arrived! The response to our first issue was overwhelmingly positive and made clear that this unique publication is fulfilling a need that is fulfilling a need that many in our community didn’t even know they had.

The theme for this issue is “My Hometown”. For many in our community, their hometown is on the other side of the world; for others, especially our younger members, Nashville is their hometown. “My Hometown” attempts to show the different ideas we all have about our hometowns.

This issue also introduces a new feature in which we will highlight some of the outstanding Chinese musicians in Middle Tennessee. Additionally, we are moving beyond a pure text format and have included our first video interviews; we hope to incorporate more multimedia offerings in future issues.

About GNCA Journal

GNCA Journal is quarterly publication intended to serve as the collective voice of Middle Tennessee’s Chinese community. At present it is primarily a Chinese-language publication, but we encourage you to read it with your browser translator. If you have questions or are interested in contributin, please contact us at